Field Trips/Volunteering

Record Your Hours
To record your volunteer hours or hours applied to your Master Naturalist certification, please follow this link.

Participation Waiver
To participate in a field trip or volunteer activity with MMNA, please complete this waiver once each year. You can turn it in during a quarterly meeting or provide it to the trip leader when you arrive to the event. MMNA Release Form

Fees for Fields Trips:
• For MMNA sponsored activities, members attend at no cost as part of the benefits of membership
• Members will have an opportunity to sign up for field trips before attendance is opened to guests
• Those who have attended Master Naturalist training can attend with a fee of $15, which will apply to membership
• Guests will be asked for a $10 donation per event

Citizen Science Opportunity:
If you have a red maple in your yard, you may be able to help with this project: Would you give a few minutes a year to reveal the future of forests?